As part of the program delivery process, the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) asks both the local school districts it partners with and the companies who perform the actual work to submit evaluations on all participants in the project. The evaluations provide useful information for school districts in the awarding of future construction contracts, not only for OSFC-funded projects, but for any school construction.

The evaluations are divided into main categories: 

  • Architects/Engineers (A/E)
  • Construction Managers (CM)
  • Design Builders (DB)
  • Trade Contractors
  • Maintenance Plan Advisors (MPA) 

To see evaluations for A/Es, CMs, DBs, and MPAs: Click on the first letter of the name of the firm. This will take you to a folder containing the evaluations. Each evaluation is named in the following manner: name of firm-school district for which the work was done-evaluator name. For example, to find the evaluations for Smith Electric, look for smithelectric-joneslocalschooldistrict-johnjames.


OSFC implemented a new system for trade contract evaluations in 2009. Evaluations posted after September 1, 2009 are available through the Contractor Evaluation website. You can search by company name, type of work performed, and date. Type in "%" (omitting the quotes) to view all of the trade contractor evaluations posted there.

Contractor Evaluation Website

OSFC trade contractor evaluations posted prior to September 1, 2009.